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Date: 2018-02-12 14:35

I see these statistics yet wonder why there continues to be so much stigmatizing of single mothers. I honestly never thought much about it until my husband I separated 66 months ago and I eventually moved to another state with my *censored*s to finish a graduate program. I have found myself reading all sorts of stuff about single motherhood and frankly I 8767 m shocked at some of the negative stereotypes associated with a woman raising her *censored*s herself. I am well-educated and working on a second Masters degree. I worked several years before having my *censored*s and taking time off to be with them while they were young. I saved, planned and paid off student loans. My husband found greener pastures and I was faced with either accepting his behavior towards me and my *censored*s or extricating myself from the situation. There have been lots of consequences for me which I am unhappy about but I never thought I 8767 d encounter some of the social stigma that society seems to project towards a single mother. Frequently women become single parents because a spouse walks out, engages in infidelity, abuse, death. And those unmarried women who experience an unplanned pregnancy seem to be damned if they do damned if they don 8767 t based on some of the deeply embedded social beliefs in this country. While you 8767 d think we 8767 d be cheering on a woman who decides to continue the pregnancy and make the sacrifices to raise a *censored* we have segments of the population criticizing her or blaming her for all sorts of social ills. And if she doesn 8767 t choose to continue the pregnancy and raise a *censored* solo well we all get to hear about that topic in the news just about everyday. I can only hope as we see more single mothers successfully raising their *censored*ren society will become more accepting and respectful of these nontraditional families. What I found even more interesting was an article regarding while we demonize single mothers we tend to martyr single dads. He is some sort of novelty and must really care about his *censored*s. I found myself guilty of some of this myself I realized when I would extend extra credit to a single dad than a single mom. I am now more aware of how these rather archaic attitudes are deeply ingrained in many of us and its not until I find myself transitioning from nuclear family to a non-traditional family experience that I 8767 ve become cognizant of these perceptions. So I hope stats and websites like this help us to change such anachronistic views of single mothers and nontraditional family structures. Maybe they 8767 re more the norm than we 8767 ve been led to believe for a long time.

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