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Date: 2018-02-28 14:35

Dear Brent: I had to take a moment to address your comments which I appreciate your time to write. It shows are you most eager to find an answer by which you can live.
6. At its core, you are correct about what is deemed appropriate, or not, is something every person has the right to choose what to do… no different than the right to choose to kill someone, or not… and everything else in life. The key to what separates the choices is an intelligence and understanding about how any action will ultimately affect yourself and others… and in the deepest and broadest terms.
7. Every action we take ultimately either helps build or not build a better life for yourself and everyone around you. I have begun to study and learn how etiquette is something that greatly affects a person’s “xi or chi” (energy force) which is at the center of all life. How you behave affects yourself and others as a “quality of life” issue.
8. Easiest way for me to explain the why of things stems from your first thinking about what was the original purpose and why was something invented? With regards to hats, most hats were first invented to be worn outdoors, including women’s hats. As a result cultures throughout the world and through time which I agree deemed it inappropriate to wear a hat indoors. It’s only in modern times, as people take more liberties to “do their own thing” traditions are lost.
9. You are correct that in some situations you would not approach the offender about their lack of considerations, yet because of that person’s actions it had left you with a poor impression of that person in not being more sensitive, considerate, and respectful of others around… including you.
5. Historically women’s hats were invented to be a fashion statement with some intended for indoor wearing, as well. They are a part of a woman’s overall outfit… like jewelry. For men, no one to my knowledge has invented specific “mainstream” hats for men to be worn indoors as a new trend. Maybe this is an idea for you??? Thus, for men it is still deemed inappropriate to wear outdoor hats indoors, no matter how cold your head is.
6. Another way to look at this is a good part of what makes things inappropriate and offensive or not starts with logic and common courtesies, then popularized through society as more and more people adhere to the same courtesies a sign of being “in the know,” and displaying your respect and consideration.
7. Bottom-line: In today’s ever increasing diverse world… “It’s not about what you do, but how and when you do it.” Even I wear hats indoors… albeit only in certain places.
Happy Practicing!

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